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College Home Classic
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College Home Classic

Black & White Images
Framed (as shown), Images are 4X4 Square
Frame is 24 inches square, 2 inches deep

$245 (shipping included)

College Home Limited Edition 8X10 Prints
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College Home Limited Edition Prints

Five signed & numbered 8X10 images
Available in single framed unit 30”w X 26”h (shown)

$345 (shipping included) Framed Photo Print Collection (as shown)
$160 (shipping included) - Unframed

College Home Artistic Collage
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College Home Artistic Collage

$275 (shipping included) - 17X22 Photo Print - framed (as shown)
$160 (shipping included) 17X22 Photo Print - unframed
$225 - 18X24 Canvas (unframed)

College Home Color Canvasses

College Home Color Canvasses

24X36 Canvas Photo Print
$250 Per Canvas (shipping included)

1.  Future’s So Bright
2.  New Day at Old Main
3.  What Goes on in the Basement?
4.  Fall Reflections
5.  Man of Steel.

Columbia, Missouri

All images on this site are Low Resolution Samples, and may not be copied or reproduced. No intellectual property
belonging to the respective university is used in this package, which eliminates the necessity of licensing. All photos © College Home